The Aim

It’s all about experiences!  We aim to inspire, inform and most importantly help people to get out there and experience this unbelievably beautiful world we all live in.

Hi there.  I’m Jonny the person behind The Photographers Passport, a travel blog that is all about getting outside.  My aim is simple, I want to help you explore and discover just how great this place we call planet earth really is.  If you love photography, backpacking or hiking you’ll love The Photographers Passport.


I originally created The Photographers Passport as a resource to help photographers find new and interesting places to go shoot.  Over the years it has grown and now focuses on producing content aimed towards hikers, backpackers, world travellers and of course, photographers.

About Jonny

I have always had a love for the outdoors but it wasn’t until I was about 13 years old that I discovered my love of photography.  I grew up in the south of England near the New Forest, it was here that my love of photography and exploring was nurtured.


I loved photography so much growing up that I decided I wanted to study it at university and try make a career out of it.  After four years of study I managed to work my way into the London photography scene.  However, after a few years of working in London I realised I had lost my way and my love for photography was diminishing.  I was working in basement studios taking photos I had no interest in or love for anymore.


The reason I had fallen in love with photography in the first place was because it was an amazing way to experience and explore the surrounding world.  I made a decision that I needed to make a change but I wasn’t exactly sure how.  In the end I decided I would take a year long trip and travel to some countries I had always wanted to visit.  I worked hard for 6 months to save up enough funds and in 2018 I took that trip which changed my life forever.


Fast forward to today and I now live in beautiful New Zealand which is any photographer’s dream and I found a kickass kiwi girl to share my experiences with.  She’s the cute little Māori girl you’re likely to see in a lot of my photos.

A man and woman photographed with a lake in the background. This photo was taken at Panekire hut on the Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk

What This Blog Can Do For You

I’m dedicated to bringing as much value to my lovely audience as I can, whether it’s through content that will inspire people to get out there and create some amazing memories or through our informative guides that will give you the A to Z of a particular destination or trail.


With The Photographers Passport I focus on creating New Zealand based content.  It’s where I live and the place I love exploring the most so you can trust my advice and knowledge comes from my own lived experiences.  If you’re looking for a new hiking trail to conquer or a new place to explore in this amazing country, you’ll likely find it here.

Here Is What You Can Expect To Find On This Blog

Hiking Trail Guides

New Zealand is the land of hiking trails and tracks, there’s literally hundreds to choose from.  This country is packed full of interesting and unique scenery and what better way to explore than walking through it yourself.

Backpacking and Tramping Tips

Discover backpacking tips, or tramping as it’s known in New Zealand.  If you’re new to the world of backpacking, don’t worry I’ve got you!  My tips and advice will have you out on the trails in no time.

Gear I Recommend

Hiking, backpacking, tramping and trekking – it goes by many names.  One thing is for sure, you’ll need some gear to help you along the way.  My buying lists and gear recommendations come from my experience and knowledge of years of hiking, backpacking and travelling.

New Zealand Tips and Inspiration

I love exploring this beautiful country and have lots of valuable tips to share with you.  Our content is both inspiring and informative with the aim of getting you outside exploring!

Photography Tips and Tricks

Photography is where it all started for me and since I picked up my first camera I’ve learnt a lot along the way.  If you want to learn how to shoot better images of the surrounding world, you’re in the right place.

You Can Also Find Me Here

You’ll find most of my guides, tips and advice right here on this blog.  You can however also find me on the following social channels.

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