Hi there, I’m Jonny and welcome to The Photographers Passport, a blog dedicated to sharing all things travel and photography related.


With this blog, you will find all the inspiration and information you could possibly hope for to help you take your photography from good to amazing. Whether you’re looking for a new spot to go light up your sensor or just need a few tips to get yourself started, you can find it all here.


Travelling and photography are two of my favourite things in this world, luckily enough they go perfectly hand in hand. My hope is that I can share my experiences and expertise with anyone out there who is just like me and wants to get out and explore this amazing world in all its glory!


A little about me, I’m from the UK and have so far circled the sun 26 times, here’s to many more. I love to photograph all things, especially the world we all live in. I first found my love for photography when I was about 14 and I got my first ever camera. I started shooting some pretty terrible skateboarding photos but I was having a blast so that’s all that mattered.


Fast forward to just over ten years later and I’ve got a degree in Commercial Photography and years of experience working as an assistant and digi op for some of the best photographers in London.


I’ve got a ton of knowledge to share with you and I’m still learning every day so why not join me on this journey, you never know you might learn a thing or two! Why not follow me on Instagram or Facebook where you can find all my latest photos.


Get your camera, I’ll see you out there.